Studios and Hideaways


Tree house builders are inspired by the serene and stimulating environment of mature trees. Their towering canopies, strong bows, delicate leaves and diverse wildlife provide the perfect location for hideaways.  Single or multiple platforms can be created, one as a deck to soak up the view, whilst on another the studio. Generous windows allow filtered light and inspiration to fill the room, perfect conditions for you to ply your craft. Maybe you just want a place to unwind, a place to gather your thoughts, a place to read a book in a comfy corner or maybe it’s just to snooze in a gently swaying hammock. Red Hill Tree Houses sees the design process as a collaborative process so if you have specific ideas in mind then we would like to hear them.

13_CR_Tree_house_suspention_bridge_rope      Tree house bridge teahouse      Cladding radial-sawn timber treehouse