Outdoor Education Camps


Outdoor education camps are always looking for ways to enhance their facility. Tree houses or elevated rooms are the perfect way to create a means to give your camp the edge and create new experiences for camp users. A tree house dorm for staff or students, meeting room, classroom or studios for specific activities can be designed with your specific needs in mind.

From our previous experience in creating high ropes courses and climbing walls, Red Hill Tree house builders can integrate tree houses with ropes courses. Have a tree house as the start and finish point, access the tree house via a spiral staircase and then abseil from its deck.  Maybe, you would prefer to utilise a climbing wall to access the tree house. Imagination is the key here, so if you have the ideas we have the experience and knowhow to make it happen.

3_Bespoke_tree_house_with_natural_timber.JPG      Tree house bridge boardwalk      Tree house suspention bridge rope