Adventure Tree Houses

Adventure tree house free standing - basic design

Adventure tree house free standing – basic design


As a child, being outdoors was a way to explore the natural world. We scurried up and down the gnarled, old Mulberry tree, in which our tree house nestled.  It was the meeting place, the science lab, the outdoor café, the cosy reading spot, the club house and the local shop, it entertained and exhausted us day after day.

These days kids want just that little bit more, so at Redhill Tree houses we decided to provide activities that turn a tree house into an adventure playground.

Swings,  firemans poles, climbing walls, suspension bridges, cargo nets, zip lines, slides, caves, sand pits, swinging chairs, hammocks  and ladders are all configured in unique ways to enhance the space in which your children play. Look out parents you just might have some fun too!

Adventure playground tree house cargonet slide bridge      Cubby-freestanding - tree house      Tree house ladder

Kids cubby tree house      Tree house sketch plans design concept      Tree house swing