Tree Houses

If it’s the memories of your own childhood, the need for a quiet place to read or become inspired, a cosy private space or the desire to encourage your children to be active outdoors, then we can provide the customised tree house for all these things to come true.

At Redhill Tree Houses the team has a passion for adventure, creativity, strength, durability and importantly the health of your select trees to provide a tree house experience in leafy surrounds.

We have detailed knowledge and experience in creativity at height, coupled with many years of experience in height safety, the building code of Australia, council requirements  and the Australian Standards for, playgrounds, climbing walls, elevated spaces, stair ways and all occupational, health and safety issues.

The cool, green canopy, the strength of timber, unique engineering techniques, custom builds and specialised equipment, ensures that Red Hill Tree Houses provides adventures for kids and tranquil spaces for adults.  ‘Creative ideas for all seasons’.

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