What we Build and Where

We are tree house builders who work in every state of Australia, the Redhill Tree house team will prefabricate, deliver and install a tree house to your exacting requirements.  Onsite building is a significant aspect of the project, as the unique characteristics of the tree/s determine vital parts of design and construction.

Projects can range in cost from $5000 to $350,000 depending on design, location, access and scope of work. The positioning of a structure amongst or in trees, leads to costs of construction that are unique. Growth of the tree, environmental influences, elevated platforms and the subtle interplay between the structure and branches requires careful planning, site specific engineering, arborists’ inspection, premium materials and high construction standards.

As each tree house is unique and the customised features are many and varied, we will visit your location for an assessment of the property for potential trees and discuss with you the specific features you would like to see in your tree house. Alternatively initial discussion can be through images and emails to determine the initial cost estimates.