As tree house builders, there are three factors that influence the design of a tree house or tree platform, purpose, style and structure. Of course all these factors are influenced by the tree that has been chosen as the likely location for the tree house.

Purpose:  Who is going to use the tree house, what are the features that the client envisages and what dimensions are desirable.

Style:  What is the aesthetic appearance of the tree house, are second hand materials a pre requisite or is new materials more in keeping with the client’s vision. Is there a theme that is to be carried through in the design and fit out of the tree house.

Structure:  Is the tree going to dictate any aspects of the design. Will the tree influence how the tree house is supported. That is to say, will it be fully supported by the tree, will the load be shared by two trees or will post supports be utilised to satisfy the strength requirements.

These are a few of the questions that need to be discussed with the client to determine the way forward